State-of-the-art Laser Powder Bed Fusion System with an option for real-time process monitoring [EOS M290, Germany]- Departmental facility

Additive-subtractive metal additive manufacturing facility with an option for multi-material printing [ Meltio engine CNC integration, USA]- Facility under SATHI IIT Delhi

Metal powder feeder for laser cladding/additive manufacturing [Metal Coat, India]

Data acquisition system for process monitoring and control during laser additive manufacturing [Micro-epsilon, CLAMIR]

Abrasive-blasting facilities for post-processing of AM parts [Metal Coat, India]

High-resolution 3D scanner for reverse engineering

AI-enabled high-speed (up to 600mm/s) FDM printer

High-resolution (8K) liquid resin printer

Laser engraver with attachment for engraving on cylindrical surfaces


Wire-cut EDM

High-power blue diode laser system with accessories [Laserline, Germany]

High-power (3 kW) Yb-fiber laser

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